We offer stimulating, exciting activities to stretch skills, imagination and creativity, extending knowledge learnt through school experiences.

Our staff ensure that each child feels successful and special as they are treated as individuals. We offer the opportunity to interact with other age groups promoting social skills and respect.

Our home-like environment is comfortable and relaxing and we offer a personal service to help children flourish and become confident and independent with each day.

A positive approach is applied to homework. Our aim is to work with children and parents to allow satisfactory time for completion. This is always in accordance with parents wishes.

Children are encouraged to participate in meal preparation as well as in new experiences throughout the surrounding community. This aids important progression towards the ‘Every Child Matters’ outcome of achieving well-being.

Age appropriate activities are available at all times. The children’s opinions and ideas are valued and encouraged, as they play an important role in accommodating individual preference and promoting self-esteem.

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