Parents can feel confident to entrust their very youngest child to our care.

We recognise that babies in our care are more likely to thrive when there is continuity of routine between home and setting.

After initial liaison with parents a key worker is assigned and they will establish and maintain an individual care routine with you, ensuring constant communication as your child progresses through stages of sleeping patterns, weaning and development.

Under the care of our experienced staff these very young children are catered for in safe and secure rooms, which provide a gentle introduction to their learning journey.

We are well-equipped and have ample stocks of resources as well as essential toiletries, sheets and blankets. This enables us to provide a personal set for each child in their own specific storage tray, promoting self esteem and a sense of wellbeing within the child.

In order to enhance early development, your child will have access to a wide range of age-appropriate activities and equipment, reinforced by close caring attention and supervision at all times.

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Close to Home allows siblings and different aged children to interact freely whilst maintaining high ratios, again enhancing early development.

At the end of every session attended, you will receive a report in the form of a daily diary, showing photographs taken during the day and a description of the day’s events.