We have recently carried out extensive work on our existing garden area in order to further improve the educational experience that Close To Home provides.

One of our major projects has been our ‘inside-out’ classroom which provides an alternative environment for children to learn in. It is used for many activities throughout the year and lends itself to many role play scenarios and is a great base for the children to explore their interests.

We use it in all weathers and it allows us a wonderful opportunity to enhance children’s development and learning.

The garden is a safe and secure private area enabling the children to enjoy a rich outdoor environment full of irresistible stimuli, context for play, exploration and talk, and provides plenty of real experiences and contact with the natural world.

We have an allotment area that the children help to plant and manage and we successfully grow our own food which is picked, washed and prepared within our meals.

The newest addition to the Close To Home garden is Domino, our resident rabbit. He provides opportunity for us to learn about care routines and looking after pets and promotes wonderful conversation topics and questions about living things.

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